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AgfaPhoto Realipix Square S Digital Instant Photo 10MP Camera (Retro) - CLEARANCE!
AGFAPHOTO Realipix Square S Instant Print 10M Camera 2-in-1 camera and printer 10 Mega Pixel 1.7” LCD screen Lithium battery 8-photo cartridge included Camera resolution: 10 Megapixels Screen Size: 1.7" LCD Paper size: 7.6 x 7.6 cm (3" x 3") Image size: 7.6 x 7.6 cm...
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AgfaPhoto ASQC20 / ASQC30 All-in-One Cartridge for AGFA Realipix Square P Printer and Square S Camera
ASQC20:  20 Sheets (All-in-One Paper + Ink for 20 Photos) For AGFAPHOTO Realipix Square P & Square S All-in-One Cartridge including ink & Ribbon Paper for 20 Photos Size: 76x76 mm / 3x3 inch ASQC30:  30 Sheets (All-in-One Paper + Ink...
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