Motorola MOTO JR300 KIDS Wireless Headphones with Kids’ Safe Volume Limit - Pink
From 40 years ago, when introduced the first commercial mobile phone, Motorola has always been a pioneer in mobile communication industry. Motorola is a well trusted name in technology and has been the most reliable solution provider for radio communication...
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AgfaPhoto Realikids Cam 2 Digital Camera for Children 12MP Photo 1080P Video (CLEARANCE DEAL) - Blue
AGFAPHOTO Realikids Cam 2 - Digital Camera for Children (12MP Photo, Video, 3.5 Inch LCD Screen, Photo Filters, Selfie Mode, Lithium Battery) The AGFA PHOTO REALIKIDS CAM 2 is the ideal digital camera for children, durable and super light! Its...
$99.00 $15.00
AgfaPhoto Waterproof Realikids 16MP Digital Camera for Active Children BONUS 8Gb Micro SD Card - Blue
AGFAPHOTO WATERPROOF REALIKIDS CAM is the ideal digital camera for children who likes to take underwater photos. It’s 10m/33ft Waterproof (with the Case) and is durable and super light! Its large 2.4'’ LCD screen allows you to comfortably view the...
from $99.00
AgfaPhoto Realikids Instant Cam, 15MP Childrens Digital Camera with Inkless Printing - Blue
The inkless snapshot! The Realikids Instant Cam instant camera is both a digital camera that takes photos and videos and an instant camera that prints black and white photos in 5.7 x 10 cm format. No more ink with thermal...
$149.00 $79.00
Motorola Squads 200 Kids Corded Headphone with Secure volume limit for children - Blue
Motorola Squads 200 Kids Corded Headphone  Unbreakable Safe Music Key Features: Secure volume limit for children (up to 85 dB) Flexible and durable with dual connector for sharing music Contained decorative stickers for headphones Audio splitter for easy sharing (up...
$39.90 $19.90
GT Toys Kids Camera DC130 - Blue
This little camera for budding photographers has everything an adult one has! It offers a beautiful resolution of 12 Megapixels (+ HD Video) and a 2-inch LCD screen to play the little reporter. Its handling is pleasant and its many...
$69.90 $19.90

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